Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog #6

Wow...the critical analysis was a real tough one.  I had a hard time remembering not to write the damn plot of the movie.  I felt like it kept going hand and hand with what I was trying to say.  I also felt that it was difficult to decide what I felt the writer was trying to get across in this movie.  It seemed like I could go many different ways with it.  But this movie was over all really good and now that I own it I will probably watch it again but for recreational reason next time around.  I used the format of explaining each character form the time we meet them in the movie and what the significant event was that change there POV on life, which seemed to work great except it being really close to a plot summary.  I really think that what these characters are going through was they just lived in a small town where highschool was the best time of their life and after that there is not much to look forward too.  So when then finally got out of school they wanted to continue the good times without the responsiblitly of school work.  I can relate to this because when I get to see some of my former class mates now, they seem to have the same problem.  It takes sometime for people to get out of the comfort zone of high school especially if you are the "King of the School".....but overall good paper....I am excited to see what grade I got on it.

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