Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog # 5

Well I guess that I am different from every other student because I was able to see my mistakes on the eval summaries and with my instructors suggestions I re wrote the paper and thought it was pretty good.  I thought I did a good job at conveying the summary of the article without dominating it with my opinion of the author.  I actually had my step-mom read it to get another teachers advise and she said that it would be a good paper if I fixed what my instructor told me.  I had a real big problem with using the word "you" and I also learned that you cannot use an authors first name in a paper....haha.  I would be excited to see what further suggestion my instructor had on my re write so that I can further build my writing experience.  As I continue through the class I am learning more and more about the APA style of writing…it seems that in every paper I have written so far I cant seem to get all the in-text citations correct, but that’s ok I think by the time the research paper is done I will finally have a grasp on it.  I would like to see some examples of active verbs because if I think if I remember correctly I did use the word “is” quite often.  It would be interesting to see what else I could plug in there.

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