Monday, October 11, 2010

Diagnostic Essay

So when we had our first day of class and we were asked just to write an essay out of thin air, I have to admit I was kind of freaked out.  I have not taken an english class in over a year, so therefore I have not done a lot of writing and as they explained in the They Say, I Say book the only way to get better at something is to practice, practice, pracitce.  So when I wrote this essay for Kristen I did not feel comfortable. 

I think my strengths as writer is that ability to keep a paper flowing.  I am pretty detail oriented so I can really paint a picture for the readers.  I really enjoy writing stories or some sort of paper that needs to have a picture painted for the reader.  I think my weakness are that I am not that familiar with the APA and MLA style due to my lack of writing experience and I also hurt myself because I always think that my paragraphs sound silly and I'm not using enough intellegent lingo.  So I try not to fight myself and just let me words flow but it is pretty hard sometimes.

As I said before I thought the essay was hard to write because I was itimidated by the fact that we were writing on the first day of class and with a new teacher and all I didnt want Kristen to think I was a re tard! But as far as the topic is concerned, I felt very good about my opinion but I didnt know how to put it all out on paper.  If we were assigned this again I believe that I could make the essay a lot better, now that I hvae a few papers under my belt.

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