Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog # 1

Wow.  Let me just first say that I guess what I was learning in high school about writing was totally wrong.  As I look back on my papers that I have written over the years it seems that they are all pretty identical.  I feel like I have written them all the same, but as they explain in this book you can infact use these "templates" to write your papers and still have a bunch of creativity. 

I really liked how it explained how to use the they say, I say format.  I think this can me very useful in my attempt at getting the point or purpose across in my future papers.  It's funny how when you are writing an important paper and all these facts are getting put in your getting everything that you want into each paragraph and finally when you go to proof read the paper you think you have something outstanding to turn in and then you get the grade back where the teacher has put on the top of the paper...."good facts but no point."  or as Kristen Peters would say WHY?

Recently I was assigned to read some of the articles or stories out of the they say I say book and the one that I chose was What You Eat is Your Business by Radley Balko.   I personally thought this story was great.  It was summarizing that the government is trying to make everyones health  and public problem whereas Balkos argument is that is everyone in society should be held responisble for themselves.  One example that I thought was great is when he says that why would someone who is overweight and eats really crappy all day has a heart attack and they goes to the doctor and gets meds that everyone pays for and the money doesnt come out of his pocket, what is the incentive to make the lifestyle change?  There is none.  If everyone else is paying for your health then why change.  I agree with Balko in this article and he defeintlry gets his point across in this article.

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