Monday, October 11, 2010

Informal Essay

The plan of attack with my group was that we were going to read the article, then send a summary to each other on what we thought the article was stating and is the point was clear and was well explained.  Well the weekend came and went and we  had heard nothing from each other and it kept getting push aside.  Finally after a number of days, another group member and I got together and he sent me a few paragraphs on what he had started.  I knew that I had to take the reigns here and come up with something for us to turn in.  So on the day it was due I took what he sent me and configured a paper out of what I thought we needed to do.  It turned out to be a pretty good paper so I was happy.

I really like to consider myself a leader in all types of group activities.  I'm not a person who needs to be the leader but if no one is stepping up or they are not holding up their end of the deal then I will gladly step in.  I felt like I did this exact thing with this group project.  I saw that my group had nothing accomplished and stepped up and wrote a paper so we didnt end up with a zero.  I think that this paper really started to give me some confidence as a writer, I mean I really pulled my ideas out of thin air and did it in about an hour on my lunch break.  It really worked out for me because the more I can gain some confidence with my writing the more comfortable I feel and really can start to enjoy my writing assignments.

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